9 super simple ways to come up with content ideas

Have you got content creators block? It happens to all of us, even the most zingy brains get fuzzy from time to time.

Fear not, there’s lots you can do to get your brain a-buzzing! 

Here are some of ways the Social Firefly team get their creative juices flowing:

1. 🧐 Do your research

See what’s trending within your industry. Twitter is great quick way to get a sense of what’s being discussed across most platforms.

2. 📈 Review previous performance

See what’s worked well and what hasn’t using insights on each channel. Do more of what’s done well and do less of what hasn’t — simple!

3. 🚀 Refer to your strategy, especially content themes/pillars.

You should of course, have a marketing strategy (if you don’t you definitely need to, holler at us and we’ll help make that happen) which has content themes and/or pillars, i.e. key pieces of content laid out.

Ensure you have a good variety of all of them across your socials.

4. 💬 Check out what your customers are asking via other channels

If you’re getting a specific question via DM, email or phone multiple times it’s likely to interest your audience on social too! Find a creative way to answer that question on social – through a graphic, explainer video or in Stories using the questions sticker.

5. 👀 Use Google search suggestions

A great way to check out what people are searching for around a certain topic. Just start typing and see what it throws up.

6. 🔁 Re-purpose existing content in a variety of ways

A super easy way to get loads of content easily? Repurpose it, testing out video, graphics and image versions. Share them all over a few weeks to see what resonates.

7. 🔥 Have a nosey in Reddit.

Reddit aggregates social news and is a hotbed for discussions around certain topics. The perfect place to get inspo! 

8. 🗣️ Discuss potential ideas

Many heads are often better than one so ask around and see what people come up with or think of your idea.

Ask your team, or if you work alone, in a Facebook group, family, friends or via an Instagram poll. Vibing off other can make for some really creative ideas. 

9. 🚶 Take a break!

Down time tends to be when people have their best ideas. Walking, eating a doughnut or on the bog, it doesn’t matter.

We hope we’ve set you on the path to content contentment. Go out there and put some of our ideas to the test!

Found our blog useful? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line if you fancy discussing any of the above. 

Mel is a creative digital marketer who loves working with the public sector, charities and businesses to help them achieve their goals. She's been working in marketing and communications since 2011, and when she's not being a dynamite marketer she loves reading about psychology, travelling, running or hanging out with her daughter Mia.