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The brief

As part of its capacity as local government, Brighton & Hove City Council (BHCC) are responsible for sharing regular health announcements, alerts and updates across the city as quickly as possible.

But with the digital world only getting noisier, landing their message in the hands of the masses depended on a different approach to social media altogether.

The challenge

To keep the city safe during the pandemic, BHCC set out to broaden their online presence by partnering with a local social media agency who could hit the floor running with various coronavirus campaigns.

As part of the new partnership, BHCC knew they couldn’t rely on organic reach alone and instead wanted to utilise our knowledge of paid social media advertising to generate wider reach.

This would transpire in more citizens taking necessary measures and precautions – from testing and mask wearing through to booking and attending COVID-19 vaccinations.

Right, briefing complete. Let’s get to work.

Our approach

Because BHCC needed to deliver a range of key messages to varying demographics across the city, we had to think carefully about how we could encourage action in the most effective way and at the right time.

This resulted in a multitude of data-led campaigns where traffic to the NHS website was prompted by targeting specific areas across the city here BHCC’s advice and guidance was most relevant.

Once each campaign went live, we stayed highly responsive to data dashboards, adapting and optimising our strategy to drive engagement and action where required.

This involved trialling colour schemes as well as varying our range of content based on the data-backed knowledge that women were more likely to click links, whereas men were more likely to watch videos.

Here are some of the campaigns we launched to boost engagement and awareness across the city:

  • Get back to this
  • Stop COVID
  • Mask-friendly city
  • Community testing
  • Could that be you?
  • Is it a cold or COVID?

As the need arose, we used paid advertising and engaged with local influencers to attract audiences beyond BHCC’s social media presence.

We were looking for a local agency who could quickly integrate with our team, understand our social media requirements, and implement campaigns that would help us connect with more areas of the city. Social Firefly ticked every single box and more

Rachael Harding

Public Health & Covid Communications Lead, Brighton & Hove City Council

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