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The brief

WRAP is a business created to make working parents life simpler. Their location in central Brighton boasts a nursery as well as a business centre which offers co-working, offices and event spaces.

When they approached us they had opened the year before and were keen to increase their brand awareness locally. They wanted people to know they existed, what they offer and stand for. 

They needed an approach which generated brand awareness, positioned them as a pillar of the local community and supported conversions such as ticket sales, nursery registrations and room bookings.


The challenge

WRAP offers a variety of products, both B2B and B2C, the demand for which varies across the year.

There’s is often lots happening at a fast pace, so working alongside the WRAP team we’ve sought to understand what priorities they have at a given time.

Helping WRAP position itself as the go-to for working parents as well as not alienating those who don’t have children was also of upmost importance.

Their audiences are highly engaged and value convenience, sustainability and family. It was key that this was reflected throughout their content.





Our approach 

Having worked with WRAP for over year, it’s been a pleasure seeing their business blossom from it’s early days. Although we’ve never created a formal strategy with them we’ve sought to understand their audiences and tested a multitude of different types of content, from carousels and reels to polls and multi-image posts.

Our approach has been channel specific, tailoring content to the audience who spend time there. For example, for the Business Centre their primary channels are LinkedIn and Instagram whereas for Play their primary channels are Instagram (a separate account to the Business Centre Instagram) and Facebook.

Rather then spread communications too thin, we’ve doubled down on these primary channels and sought to leverage them in the most effective way possible for WRAP.

While we’ve primarily supported them with organic social media we have also delivered their paid social at key moments of the year, such as for Christmas events which has not only driven sales but also increased brand awareness.


Mel, James and the team are a delight to work with – and consummate professionals. They listen and discuss the problems and challenges and provide well considered strategies, keeping budgets sensible and suited to the task at hand. Regular weekly updates and progress -which assets are working and which aren’t, help to keep the marketing team focused. We love working with them.

Ed Patey, Co-founder of WRAP Space

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