Why you shouldn’t jump on every national/international day…

World Ice Cream Day, What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day (yep, really!), International Carrot Day – there seems to be a day for everything!

And yes, some of them are a great opportunity to get involved in trending conversations and to show the culture of your brand. But you have to really ask yourself each time, is this right for us? Is this something our audience is invested in?

When planning your week, month, year, it’s important to know what’s happening. Platforms like Loomly even give you content suggestions based on these days, or you can find countless calendars online. 

The thing you need to consider is, should I share this? If you’re a brand that focuses on painting and decorating, World Poetry Day probably won’t fall into your social schedule, but hello National DIY Day! 

So where do you start with National/International awareness days?

  1. Look at your brand. What do you do, and what days/months are linked to this?
  2. Look at your personas. What are your target and current audiences interested in? Will any of these resonate with them?
  3. Prioritise! There are so many of these events, you don’t want to flood your feed with them and not get your own messages across. Are there any that don’t need to be promoted? Will a tweet suffice?
  4. Probably jump on anything to do with pets! They usually perform well! But only if doing so fits with your brand and will interest you audience.
  5. Can you link it back to your brand/tone of voice? Innocent are incredible at this. It may not seem like a natural fit, but they make it work. Can you?

What we’re saying is really consider these days. Don’t just get involved with them because they are happening.

Think about your audience, and your brand, and ask yourself, does it make sense to do this? Ask others too – many heads are better than one! If you’re still struggling for content ideas, it’s probably not right for you.

Sarah has been working in social media marketing since 2013 and joined the Social Firefly team in January 2022. Working with some of our biggest clients she makes content planning and creation look easy while delivering on some of our best performing strategies. Outside of work, she's a keen photographer, dedicated swimmer, a certified foodie, dog auntie and travel lover.